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【Supervisor】Takes command of the activities—Doctor Muramatsu and the Principal of Uehara Elementary School
【Coordinator】Conducts the planning and coordination of the activities—2nd year postgraduate students (2~3 people)
【Support】Ensuring safety while exploring and supporting the children—Homeroom teacher of the 6th graders and Elementary school PTA
【Captain】Plans orders and methods of exploration, commands as a leader—Mainly 1st year postgraduate students (One person per group)
【Sub-Captain】Leads the children while supporting the captain—Student volunteers (2~3 people per team)
【Member】Explores the town and accomplish the order—Elementary School 6th graders (4~5 children per team)
【Film unit】Edits the films of the records of activities and creates DVDs—Student volunteers.

Procedure of BOKUMACHI

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