about let's history

The activities of BOKUMACHI started in 2004 with the cooperation of Muramatsu Laboratory of
the University of Tokyo Institute of Industry and Science
and the Shibuya Uehara Elementary School.
Corresponding with the changing members (6th graders) and captains (graduate students) every year,
the program and methodology is being refined. Moreover, it is hereafter inclined to spread this activity
to other universities and to domestic and foreign regions. This activity has been approved as a course of
the University of Tokyo graduate school.
It aims for further academic refinement through conducting reviews by the captains each time
along with establishing meetings to report results as the activity accomplishments of the graduate students.

Results to date

  1. Acquisition of "Town Literacy"
    The children's interest towards the town will increase.
    The children will acquire the results obtained in each team as one way of looking at the town.
    Additionally, the review class of the expedition team conducted in autumn will become an opportunity
    to think about balance of the various things in the town, by sharing the ways of looking at the town beyond teams.

  2. Communication with the community
    Communication with the community is activated by children and students walking the town
    and conducting conversations and interviews as a form of exploration.
    By continuing the activity every year, the local community will accept the exploration of the children
    and a support structure will be acquired.

  3. The construction and spread of the "Town Literacy" Educational Program
    The establishment of the methodology of teaching children, bearing the future, the ways of looking at the town.
    Spreading the program of Uehara Elementary School to other communities in cooperation with other universities.

BOKUMACHI was awarded a special prize in JIA GoldenCubesAwards 2011.
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