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BOKUMACHI is a program where children and graduate students observe and analyse the town,
think about what a "good town" is, and learn to take responsibility to contribute to one's town
with their own hands.
The activities of BOKUMACHI started in 2004 with the cooperation of
Muramatsu Laboratory of the University of Tokyo Institute of Industry and Science and
the Shibuya Uehara Elementary School.

The Objectives of BOKUMACHI

  1. The Construction and Spread of "Town Literacy"
    The children who are the residents nurture "town literacy"—
    the ability to evaluate and distinguish the town through their own view—
    through rethinking and transmitting their own town ("Satomachi," or Hometown).

  2. Contribution to Specialized Education
    Students with various majors beginning with urbanism and
    architecture will learn the methods of cooperating with
    society and ways of urban understanding by layering their own interests
    and research themes with the town and rethinking with the children who are the residents.

  3. Contribution to the Local Community
    Strive for the cooperation between the university and the community.

* What is "Satomachi (Hometown)?"

This word refers to awareness of the town one lives in (as a place of identity). A town points to a residential sphere where it is possible for mutual facial recognition compared to the city and a city comprises many towns.

* What is "Town Literacy"?

A skill to responsibly take part to change flaws and extend the good points of the "Satomachi (Hometown) by observing and understanding various matters, things, and people that exist or are in the Satomachi (Hometown).

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